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Keep pets safe for the holidays

Our Pawsitively Healthy workshops will resume in January. Until then we hope you’ll find the tips below helpful in keeping your dog or cat safe this holiday season.

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Dr. Andrea Putt, DVM, of Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital says be sure to keep the following out of pets’ reach.  If you suspect that your pet has CONSUMED any of these, immediately contact your veterinarian or veterinary emergency hospital.

  • Christmas tree tinsel (can cause life-threatening obstructions)
  • Holiday ribbon (can cause life-threatening obstructions)
  • Glass Christmas tree ornaments
  • Christmas tree ornament hooks
  • Sugar free gums / candy that contain xylitol, a sugar substitute (can be fatal to pets)
  • Turkey carcasses or beef roast (can cause vomiting, diarrhea or pancreatitis)
  • Poinsettia plants (can cause vomiting, diarrhea and drooling)
  • Sidewalk salt (can cause oral toxicity and also irritate feet)


Fun alternatives to Halloween pet costumes

A poodleI have cats at home – and I will tell you, NONE of them will put up with a Halloween costume.

So what do you do if you want to participate in Halloween festivities, but Fluffy or Fido only want to wear his or her birthday suit?

If your pet does not appreciate putting on a costume, don’t. The last thing you want to do is stress out your pet.  Instead, consider these options – – that can be just as fun if not more fun — than a store-bought costume.

  • Look into pet air brushing.

This technique uses pet-safe dyes to “blow” color onto a pet with a small air compressor.   It’s become very popular among pet  groomers and stylists.  This technique is used on dogs and cats and puts color only on the pet’s fur.  Ask your groomer about this technique.

  • Consider colorful holiday-themed bandanas.

If your pet will not tolerate a full costume, maybe he or she will wear a bandana. Bandanas are simply a triangle-shaped piece of fabric that is tied (loosely!) around your pets neck. Visit your local fabric store for colorful holiday-themed fabrics and cut out your own bandana to fit your pet.  Remember to keep the bandana loose enough at the neck – but secure so that it does not drag and trip your pet.

  • Create a human costume with your pet as the “accessory.”

You might forego the pet costume altogether and opt for a costume for yourself that complements your pet.  For example:

  • Have a pet rabbit? Go as Alice in Wonderland.
  • Have a Terrier? Go as Dorothy and Toto.
  • Have a Dalmatian? Go as Cruella de Vil.
  • Have a cat? Go as the crazy cat lady (now that’s an easy one!).

You get the idea!

  • Decorate your pet’s collar, harness or leash

Consider decorating with colorful holiday-themed ribbons, twine or trim. Again, make sure that what you wrap around your pet’s accessories is not restrictive or binding to your pet.   You could even purchase an inexpensive leash and top it with glitter or fake “jewels” or pompoms.  Shop your local dollar or craft store for ideas.

  • Make your pet’s “vehicle” the costume

If you have a smaller pet, you may plan on putting him or her in a wagon, pet stroller or pet carrier.  Decorate the vehicle.  You might use some of the same ideas discussed above for leashes.  Based on the type of pet you have, you might consider a clever theme.  Be creative!

Summer fashions for cool canines

Your dog will make quite a statement in any of our cool and fun summer fashions. Choose from adorable sun visors complete with sunglasses, polka dot bandanas and girly flowered harness dresses.  For canines not ready for all this cuteness, see our huge selection of colorful and equally as fashionable harnesses.

All styles not available at all stores.

This blog is from your Pet Supplies Plus stores in Bloomfield Hills and White Lake (Highland Rd. and Cooley Lake Rd.).   Product selection varies by store. Not all stores have all items. Call store to check availability.

Tiger fans – Be a hit at the dog park

Tigers jerseyIts woof woof woof for the home team in this delightful genuine Major League Baseball licensed Detroit Tiger baseball dog jersey.  Go Tigers! (Sizes and availability vary by store.)

Hockey and football fans– see our selection of hockey jerseys and pro and college football jerseys and leashes. Go Wings! Go Lions! Go Blue – and Go Green Go White!

sports jerseysThis blog is from your Pet Supplies Plus stores in Bloomfield Hills and White Lake (Highland Rd. and Cooley Lake Rd.).  Product selection varies by store. Not all stores have all items. Call store to check availability.

Keep your Pooch Cool With This Summer Fun Treat

Here’s a great way to help your dog stay cool this summer while having loads of fun.  This giant ice cube, that you make yourself, is packed with treats and toys that you chose for your dog. The fun keeps going even after the ice melts!

What you’ll need:

  • A heavy-duty pSummerFunTreatlastic container. Small buckets, large dog food or water bowl, a children’s pail or plastic storage containers work fine. Choose the size based on the size of your pet. For smaller dogs, choose a smaller size container and so on.
  • Find toys that are durable and will stand up to freezing.  Avoid plastic as they will become brittle and sharp and could injure your pet.  Good choices include:*

Rope tug with bone                   Venison Joe’s femur bone
Antler                                        Red Barn Bone
Kong                                        Chuckit Ball
JW Ball

*All are available from Pet Supplies Plus.

  • Choose foods that will hold up and not dissolve in water. Good choices include:*

Whimzees Dental Treat              Pet Life Dental Treat

*Available from Pet Supplies Plus.

  • If you your dog likes vegetables like carrots include these too.
  • Water or chicken stock (makes a tastier treat!).


  1. Place the above toys, treats and veggies (if using) into the plastic bucket or container. Fill with water or chicken stock.  Fill to about one inch from the top.
  2. Put the container in the freezer and freeze overnight or until solid.
  3. Pop the ice block out of the container and let the fun begin!

 TIP:  You may want to make several of these at once so that you are always ready for summertime doggie fun!

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