Kitty City

Kitty City, created by Bloomfield Hills Pet Supplies Plus store owner Addy Shattuck, is a free-roaming cat habitat that gives felines a place to lounge, watch birds at an outdoor feeder and mingle with other cats while hoping that someone will spot them, fall in love and take them home.  The glass and screen enclosed open-air environment also enables humans to interact with the cats.

“The open environment lets the cats play and do what cats do while waiting for their real home,” says Shattuck.  They are so much more relaxed and content instead of being locked up.  Customers love just to come in and watch the cats.”

Our two Kitty City locations are: Bloomfield Hills & White Lake (Highland Rd.).

Photos of Bloomfield Hills and White Lake Kitty City locations:

Visit the Kitty City of White Lake and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan facebook page.

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