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What you should know about vaccines for your pet

Andrea Putt, DVM, of Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital, recently shared her perspectives on vaccines at our Pawsitively Healthy workshop, Do Pets Really Need Vaccines, held at Pet Supplies Plus in White Lake earlier this month.

For pet families who were unable to join us, we are posting the notes from Dr. Putt’s presentation below.  We hope you find this information useful in deciding what is best for your pet.

Join us on February 18 for our next Pawsitively Healthy workshop,  Preventing Canine & Feline Dental Disease. February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Click here for details.

NOTES from Dr. Putt

Should you vaccinate your pet?   Click here for notes.

Factors to consider in making the decision about vaccines.  Click here for notes.

WHEN should you vaccinate your dog or cat?   Click here for notes.

“Core” or most important vaccines.  Click here for notes.

“Core” vaccines for dogs.  Click here for notes.

“Core” vaccines for cats.  Click here for notes.

Vaccine side effects.  Click here for notes.

Make informed decisions about pet vaccines

photoof dr putt vaccinating cat
Dr. Andrea Putt vaccinating a cat.

I have multiple cats and a dog at home.  And, as a pet owner, it can be challenging to keep up on all the latest information to keep pets healthy and happy.  One of these areas is vaccines.

There is a lot of discussion these days about which vaccines are good, which are bad, how often your pet should get them, should senior pets get them, should indoor cats get them and so on.  It can be confusing to say the least.  So that is why we decided to focus our third Pawsitively Healthy Workshop on this topic: Facts About Dog and Cat Vaccines. The workshop will be held on January 21, 2016.

In this workshop, Dr.  Andrea Putt of Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital will talk to our neighbors about the pros and cons of vaccines and which are the ones your pet should not go without.  She will also talk about the fact that every pet is different – and so factors like age and your pet’s lifestyle — should weigh into your decision as well.

The bottom line is that making a decision about vaccines should be carefully considered and based on the facts.  So if you have every questioned the need for dog or cat vaccines, this workshop is for you.  We hope that you can join us! Click here to register.

Register early for our sell-out Pawsitively Healthy workshops

Photo of pain workshopWe are looking forward to the THIRD of our Pawsitively Healthy workshops coming up on January 21, 2016.  The topic: Facts About Dog & Cat Vaccines.

First, we are thrilled that so many people have been signing up for the workshops.  We know how much you care about your pets –and this is a wonderful forum for you to learn about timely pet health topics and get your questions answered by veterinarian Dr. Andrea Putt of Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital.  We are so fortunate to have her on board with us for the workshops.

Second — PLEASE REMEMBER TO REGISTER EARLY!  Click here to register. Our workshops have been selling out and we have been trying to accommodate as many last-minute sign-ups as we can, but are running out of space!  We have moved the workshops into the back warehouse area to accommodate as many of our neighbors as we can.  So to guarantee yourself a seat, register early.  If for some reason you cannot make it, please feel free to give your spot to a friend or family member.

I look forward to seeing you at the January workshop!