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What you should know about vaccines for your pet

Andrea Putt, DVM, of Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital, recently shared her perspectives on vaccines at our Pawsitively Healthy workshop, Do Pets Really Need Vaccines, held at Pet Supplies Plus in White Lake earlier this month.

For pet families who were unable to join us, we are posting the notes from Dr. Putt’s presentation below.  We hope you find this information useful in deciding what is best for your pet.

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NOTES from Dr. Putt

Should you vaccinate your pet?   Click here for notes.

Factors to consider in making the decision about vaccines.  Click here for notes.

WHEN should you vaccinate your dog or cat?   Click here for notes.

“Core” or most important vaccines.  Click here for notes.

“Core” vaccines for dogs.  Click here for notes.

“Core” vaccines for cats.  Click here for notes.

Vaccine side effects.  Click here for notes.