Fun alternatives to Halloween pet costumes

A poodleI have cats at home – and I will tell you, NONE of them will put up with a Halloween costume.

So what do you do if you want to participate in Halloween festivities, but Fluffy or Fido only want to wear his or her birthday suit?

If your pet does not appreciate putting on a costume, don’t. The last thing you want to do is stress out your pet.  Instead, consider these options – – that can be just as fun if not more fun — than a store-bought costume.

  • Look into pet air brushing.

This technique uses pet-safe dyes to “blow” color onto a pet with a small air compressor.   It’s become very popular among pet  groomers and stylists.  This technique is used on dogs and cats and puts color only on the pet’s fur.  Ask your groomer about this technique.

  • Consider colorful holiday-themed bandanas.

If your pet will not tolerate a full costume, maybe he or she will wear a bandana. Bandanas are simply a triangle-shaped piece of fabric that is tied (loosely!) around your pets neck. Visit your local fabric store for colorful holiday-themed fabrics and cut out your own bandana to fit your pet.  Remember to keep the bandana loose enough at the neck – but secure so that it does not drag and trip your pet.

  • Create a human costume with your pet as the “accessory.”

You might forego the pet costume altogether and opt for a costume for yourself that complements your pet.  For example:

  • Have a pet rabbit? Go as Alice in Wonderland.
  • Have a Terrier? Go as Dorothy and Toto.
  • Have a Dalmatian? Go as Cruella de Vil.
  • Have a cat? Go as the crazy cat lady (now that’s an easy one!).

You get the idea!

  • Decorate your pet’s collar, harness or leash

Consider decorating with colorful holiday-themed ribbons, twine or trim. Again, make sure that what you wrap around your pet’s accessories is not restrictive or binding to your pet.   You could even purchase an inexpensive leash and top it with glitter or fake “jewels” or pompoms.  Shop your local dollar or craft store for ideas.

  • Make your pet’s “vehicle” the costume

If you have a smaller pet, you may plan on putting him or her in a wagon, pet stroller or pet carrier.  Decorate the vehicle.  You might use some of the same ideas discussed above for leashes.  Based on the type of pet you have, you might consider a clever theme.  Be creative!

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