Limit frequency of dog, cat bathing / NEVER use human shampoo

The first step in bathing your dog or cat is to choose a shampoo MADE FOR PETS.  There are many good ones on the market.  AVOID using HUMAN shampoos that will dry your pet’s delicate skin.  NEVER use hand soaps or laundry soaps which are way too harsh for your pet.
Bathroom to a dogWhile bathing your dog – or cat – keeps them clean and helps keeps their fur soft and shiny, too much bathing removes essential oils and  can lead to dry skin, itching and flaking.  Some pet owners make the mistake of thinking that bathing will remove dry itchy flakes.  In fact, it does just the opposite and will make the problem worse.

If your dog has itchy flaky skin, limit bathing and choose a shampoo that contains oatmeal which will be much milder on the skin.  If your cat or dog has some form of SKIN IRRITATION, CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN.  DO NOT THINK THAT BATHING WILL SOLVE THE PROBLEM.  While there are special shampoos for irritated skin, they are NOT the best solution.  Instead:

  • Feed your pet a high-quality food that provides proper nutrition.   Nine times out of 10, itchy, flaky skin is a result of poor nutrition.
  • Consult with your veterinarian who can do a blood test to see if your pet is suffering from any blood deficiencies.
  • Once your veterinarian has ruled out any underlying health issues, consider treating irritated areas of your pet’s skin with an anti-itch spray to temporarily relieve minor pain and itching. One such product is Allercaine for DOGS. You can also buy Allercaine with Bittran, a safe, bitter substance that discourages animals from licking.   NOTE these products are for DOGS ONLY.  As always, check first with your veterinarian.

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