Choosing a collar for leash-trained dogs

depositphotos_dogcollarOnce your dog has been leash trained and is comfortable on a leash, you can explore the wide variety of neck collars available.  We emphasize that neck collars are NOT intended for training.  They are for dogs that are already leash trained and have learned not to pull while leashed.  (See our previous post on leash training.)

The most important consideration is that a collar should properly FIT your dog.  It should also be comfortable.  The best thing to do is to bring him or her into the store for a proper fitting.  Different breeds have different size and shape necks, so there is no one standard.  However, in choosing a collar, there are three main criteria you should take into account: 1) Width 2) Length and 3) Material.

  1. Width – You want to make sure that your dog is comfortable, so you do not want to choose a collar that is too thick and that could irritate your dog’s neck. At the same time, if the collar is too narrow, it could not be strong enough and is at risk of breaking, especially on a large dog.  So important considerations are comfort plus durability.
  1. Length – You want the collar to fit well and not leave any large gaps that your dog’s head could slip through. At the same time, you want a collar that is not too small that it cuts into your dog’s neck or could potentially choke your dog.
  1. Material – There are three main types of materials used in dog collars: leather, nylon and soy fibers.  The first two can be irritating if left on too long, or if they get damp or wet.  Soy fibers – made of recycled soy – are softer and less irritating.

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