Rabbits need to chew to avoid dental problems

small rabbit sitting in hayPet rabbits are adorable, but need more care than many bunny owners might realize.

One thing that surprises many new bunny families is that rabbits have 28 teeth – including molars and incisors. Very few of these teeth are visible without a special instrument that your veterinarian* will use to check your rabbit’s teeth.

NOTE: Rabbits need veterinary care just like any pet. As prey animals, they mask their illness and often do not show signs or symptoms until it’s too late.  So at least annual preventive care is essential.

Your rabbit’s 28 teeth can grow tooth spurs and sharp edges that can prevent your rabbit from eating and cause extreme pain. So it’s important to help your rabbit keep his or her teeth properly worn down by providing things to chew on. Some options include:

  • Special bunny size lava rock blocks
  • Special wood blocks made just for bunnies (Get these at a pet supplies store. Do NOT use just any wood as some can contain toxic finishes that could be fatal to your rabbit.)
  • Timothy hay which should be provided to your rabbit in unlimited quantities. (Watch for my upcoming blog: Rabbits need fiber from HAY for healthy digestion.)

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Do NOT assume that the same veterinarian who you take other pets to will care for your rabbit.  Not all veterinarians see rabbits.  Therefore, it’s best to find a good vet for your bunny BEFORE you need one – and also to schedule annual wellness exams. 


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