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2 thoughts on “Follow my blog to win a $10 store gift card

  1. The Livonia store and Redford st. Why are these the ONLY 2 THAT has free samples of dog and cat food. I can see putting a limit on samples because some ppl .but really is great to be able to try a expensive brand via samples so you know if you’re pets like them before you invest.


    1. We have also occasionally offered samples in my stores, but they are on a “while supplies last” basis.
      Instead of trying a random sample, the best thing to do is come into the store and speak with our team leader (manager) to determine the best food for your particular pet based on breed, age, weight and known health issues. He/she can also advise you how to transition to the new food to avoid digestive upset from an abrupt switch. Buy the smallest bag available, and if for some reason you or your pet aren’t happy with it, bring it back to the store for a refund.


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