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The Muse Natural Nirvana Tour is rolling into town

American staffordshire terrier dog playing with little kittenSunday, June 19th

Pet Supplies Plus – White Lake
6845 Highland Road

Interact with adoptable cats from Oakland County Animal Shelter as they experience their own Natural Nirvana, created just for them inside a glass-enclosed kitty playground.

Bliss out as you relax in the Muse Lounge

  • Visit the Muse Spa for a complimentary massage, temporary tattoo or nail art — featuring original cat illustrations!
  • Take home FREE Muse for your own cat.
  • Start earning FREE Muse goodies when you register for the Muse Rewards Program.

Pet Supplies Plus – White Lake

6845 Highland Road
Mon-Sat: 9am to 9pm • Sun: 9am to 6pm

Choosing safe Halloween costumes for your pet

Funny dog dressed in alien costume for Halloween

In 2014, Americans spent an estimated $350 million on Halloween costumes for their pets.  (Source: National  Retail Federation)  That’s a lot of costumes.  But how do you know if you are choosing the RIGHT costume?

First of all, keep in mind that some pets are not comfortable in ANY type of costume.  Do not force your pet to wear a costume.  If he or she struggles and tries to get out, or looks stressed or unhappy, you are better off to look at some costume alternatives.  Be sure to follow my blog and watch for a future post on “Fun alternatives to Halloween pet costumes.”

If you think that your pet will tolerate a costume, then make sure that you do not choose one that may cause injury or discomfort.    For example:

  • Avoid any type of face or ear covering like masks that may confuse or disorient your pet.
  • Watch out for ties or decorations that hang down and could trip your pet — or get tangled in their legs..
  • Choose a costume in which your pet can easily stand and move.
  • Avoid costumes that have removable parts – that could fall off — or get chewed off — and potentially choke your pet. Or take off any removable pieces before you use the costume.
  • Avoid costumes that are restrictive in any area of your pet’s body, especially the neck. Always check to make sure you have a loose, comfortable fit around the neck, tail and legs.
  • Choose bright colors so that people can easily see your pet – especially if you are going to be in a crowded or dimly lit place.

See more tips on having a safe Halloween with your pet at http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/resources/tips/halloween-safety.html?referrer=https://www.google.com/

Make your pooch part of July 4 festivities

Your dog will love these star-spangled doggie cookies.  All are hand-decorated and made of quality ingredients just for dogs. Going to a July 4 barbecue? These cookies make a great hostess gift for anyone with a dog! Treats are in the bakery case by the store register.

This message is from your Pet Supplies Plus stores in Bloomfield Hills and White Lake (Highland Rd. and Cooley Lake Rd.) Product selection varies by store. Not all stores have all items. Call store to check availability.

Kitty takeover month at Bloomfield Hills location

This weekend, it is all about the cats!
Our friends at Oakland County will be bringing in lots of cats that need forever homes.
Come to Pet Supplies Plus in Bloomfield Hills this weekend for a 3 day event from 10-6.

11390164_980864821953416_2088473655960124242_nvia Pet Supplies Plus Kitty City Cat Adoption Bloomfield Hills & White Lake, Mi.

Kitty City kitty of the week

Pictures do me no justice. My name is Porsche and I am a beautiful 9 year old long hair kitty that is patiently waiting for my forever home. I’m very laid back and would love to spend my time relaxing with a new family. Currently, I am enjoying my stay in the Bloomfield Hills Kitty City and this is my week to shine!

kittyofweekvia Pet Supplies Plus Kitty City Cat Adoption Bloomfield Hills & White Lake, Mi.

Keep your Pooch Cool With This Summer Fun Treat

Here’s a great way to help your dog stay cool this summer while having loads of fun.  This giant ice cube, that you make yourself, is packed with treats and toys that you chose for your dog. The fun keeps going even after the ice melts!

What you’ll need:

  • A heavy-duty pSummerFunTreatlastic container. Small buckets, large dog food or water bowl, a children’s pail or plastic storage containers work fine. Choose the size based on the size of your pet. For smaller dogs, choose a smaller size container and so on.
  • Find toys that are durable and will stand up to freezing.  Avoid plastic as they will become brittle and sharp and could injure your pet.  Good choices include:*

Rope tug with bone                   Venison Joe’s femur bone
Antler                                        Red Barn Bone
Kong                                        Chuckit Ball
JW Ball

*All are available from Pet Supplies Plus.

  • Choose foods that will hold up and not dissolve in water. Good choices include:*

Whimzees Dental Treat              Pet Life Dental Treat

*Available from Pet Supplies Plus.

  • If you your dog likes vegetables like carrots include these too.
  • Water or chicken stock (makes a tastier treat!).


  1. Place the above toys, treats and veggies (if using) into the plastic bucket or container. Fill with water or chicken stock.  Fill to about one inch from the top.
  2. Put the container in the freezer and freeze overnight or until solid.
  3. Pop the ice block out of the container and let the fun begin!

 TIP:  You may want to make several of these at once so that you are always ready for summertime doggie fun!