Some basics to consider BEFORE you get a pet BIRD

Beautiful colorful Sun Conure parrot bird isolated on white background

Just like with any pet, getting one should NEVER be an impulse, but rather should be a carefully considered decision that takes into account the pet’s nutritional needs, habitat requirements, health issues and longevity.  Do your homework BEFORE you bring home that new addition to your family.

In the case of birds, because they are small, some people might think, how much care can they need?  The answer is that they need JUST as much – if not more – care than a dog, cat, rabbit or any other type of pet.

In deciding if a pet bird is right for your family, consider that:

  • Birds typically eliminate (poop and pee) just about every 20 minutes or so. This means that the cage in which your bird resides will have to be cleaned continuously.
  • Certain species of bird can be loud and relentless about chirping and cawing. If you are someone who values quiet time, a bird might not be the best choice for a pet.
  • Many birds tend to form strong bond with ONE living creature. This could be you – OR  – if you have another bird – your bird might choose the other bird as his or her soul mate.  In fact, there is a great likelihood of your bird bonding with another bird and not with you.  If a bird is not bonded to you, the result can be cage aggression toward its owner.
  • It’s not good for any bird to be alone in a cage all day. When lonely or bored, some birds will start self destructive habits like picking at themselves or plucking out all their feathers. If birds do not get along with each other, an option is to give each one his or her own bird cage and put them next to each other.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Keep in mind that most birds have a long lifespan.  In fact, your pet bird may end up out-living you!  Keep this mind as you are choosing a pet.

Sample bird  life spans

Finches – 15 years                   Canaries – 15 years                         Budgies – 15 years
Cockatiels – 20 years             Lovebirds – 20 years                      Conures – 30 years
Amazons – 50 years-plus     African Greys – 50 years-plus    Cockatoos – 65 years-plus
Macaws – 60 years-plus

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