Natural animal chews are packed with flavor that dogs love

A Pit Bull dog laying down and chewing on a big rawhide bone

Natural dog chews are made of food animal products such as skin, bones and animal parts.  These chews are all made of natural ingredients that are typically dried to give it a chewy texture.  Natural chews are packed with flavor that dogs love.  There is a variety of natural chews on the market.

Rawhide is made from the inner hide of cows that has been dried.  Avoid giving rawhide chews to puppies as they can be difficult for young dogs to digest.  For adult dogs, rawhide is fine, however it doesn’t last as long as other natural chew choices.

Rolled pig skin
Rolled pig skin comes in shapes that mimic bones.  It’s fine for puppies and adult dogs.

Pig ears
Most dogs love to chew on pig ears, but they can be higher in fat than other natural chew choices, so avoid giving them to your puppy or adult dog too often.  Also, pig ears do not last as long as rolled pig skin (above) or bully sticks (below).

Bully sticks
Bully sticks are made of dried bull penises.  It may sound strange, but dogs love them.  They are fine for puppies and adult dogs and are a good alternative to higher-fat pig ears.

Natural antlers are typically cut into round pieces that provide hours of chewing, however they can be a bit pricey.

Some natural chew products come filled – or you can add your own filling – like peanut butter.  This is a great way to provide added flavor as well as physical activity as your dog works to get the treat out of the chew.

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