Cat furniture — it’s all about vertical space

cat treeFor cats looking for a place to lounge, it’s certainly about comfort – but more importantly — how high can they go?

Cats love vertical space – the higher the better.  I have one cat who loves to position herself at the top of the staircase so she can look down on what’s going on in the living room.  I have another cat who loves to walk out on the ledge surrounding the second story staircase – scary to look at, but she has never fallen off yet.

So in choosing furniture for your cat, it’s all about height.  The taller the better as long as it fits comfortably given your home’s ceiling height.

For stability, make sure that the cat tree includes a nice wide base – about 30 inches by 30 inches.  Rock the tree from side to side before buying to test stability and to make sure it can stand up to the weight of a cat jumping off.

You can get as fancy as you would like.  Many cat trees feature multiple perches, tubular hiding spaces and scratching posts.   (The best scathing posts are made of sisal.  See my blog on scratching posts.)  Again, check your space to make sure it will fit in your home allowing adequate clearance for cats to jump on and off without hitting furniture or knocking over plants.

If you can, place the cat tree near windows that get sun for cat naps.  A view of birds and wildlife makes for great kitty “TV.”

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