Break–away cat collars a must for safety

076484067259Putting a collar – with ID tag — on your cat is the only way – other than micro chipping—to have some source of identification should your cat ever get lost.  We have heard of far too many “indoor only” cats that have gotten loose or become separated from family during trips to the vet or when guests or workers unintentionally leave pets out.  Certainly for cats that go outdoors, a collar and ID are essential.

Because cats love to jump onto high places, and can get easily caught – indoors on furniture – outdoors on bushes and trees – there is only one good choice: a breakaway collar.  A breakaway collar has a plastic clasp that securely fits together, but separates when tension is placed on the collar.  So it is strong enough to stay in place for regular use, but has a safety feature that can save your cat’s life if he or she ever becomes entangled.

Breakaway collars come in a variety of sizes and colors.  If possible, it’s best to bring your cat into the store for a proper fitting.  This is the best way to make sure that your kitty’s new collar provides a comfortable fit while not being too loose that it slips off.

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