Bigger is not always better when choosing pet beds

Jack Russel Terrier in a dog bed

There are SO many beautiful cat and dog beds on the market.  And for some pet owners, bigger seems to be better – but for your pet, this is often not the case.

Watch how your dog or cat sleeps.  You will often see them curl up in a half-moon shape.  This is done to conserve warmth and contain their own body heat.  So the beds that we find dogs and cats seem to like best are the “cuddlers”  —  oval-shaped beds that match a dog’s or cat’s body size and provide support as they curl up.

So big is not always better.  As long as your dog or cat can fit in the bed, they will be happy.

ADDED NOTE TO NEW PUPPY OWNERS:  Before investing in a dog bed, have your puppy take the chew test.  Use an old blanket folded up into a make-shift bed to see if your puppy is content to use the bed as a bed – or if he or she is more interested in using it as a chew toy.  If the latter is true, you have saved yourself some money and will know to hold off on the bed until your puppy is through the chew stage!

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