Choosing food for your feline – the more meat protein & moisture, the better

Tabby cat eating food from a bowl

For cats, the key words in choosing their food are PROTEIN and MOISTURE.

A cat’s digestive system is very different from a dog’s.  So do not assume that what’s good for your dog is also good for your cat.

While having a good protein-based diet is important for dogs, it’s especially important for cats.  Cats have higher requirements for proteins – and the amino acids found in proteins — than dogs.  A diet deficient in proteins can cause a wide range of health issues.  (Please note: Cats that have been diagnosed with kidney disease may be put on a protein restricted diet by their veterinarian.)

Do NOT reduce the protein in your cat’s diet on your own; always consult with your vet!

In addition to protein, cats need LIQUID.  Sources include wet or canned food as well as water.  Cats are notoriously poor drinkers so a quality dry food diet should be supplemented with canned or wet food.  Without adequate moisture, cats can be prone to urinary infections and are at increased risk of kidney disease later in life.  (Also look for foods that contain cranberry which promotes good urinary tract health.)  It is also helpful to add additional drinking areas.  I have two locations in my house with one of them being a drinking fountain.

The dry food provides the ability to “graze” throughout the day and also helps reduce dental tarter and plaque buildup.  Hard treats are also good (in moderation of course).


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