Toys cats can chew contribute to good dental care

Many cats show signs of dental disease by age three.  Besides being extremely painful, dental disease in cats can lead to more serious illnesses such as kidney, liver and heart disease.

Regular brushing helps a great deal – if your cat will allow it — and annual or twice annual oral exams by your veterinarian are essential.  But the types of toys your cats play with can also be a factor in their dental health.

Toys that your cat can sink his or her teeth into can help reduce tarter and plaque buildup. You might not think of cats as “sinking their teeth” into toys, but cats enjoy chewing just as much as dogs.  It’s just a matter of finding the right toys.

310_Tons_of_TailsToys made by Pet Stages are great at getting cats to sink their teeth in.  One toy made specifically for chewing is called Tons of Tails which contains three types of fabric and textures to promote oral exploration.   The many “tails” coming out of this toy encourage chewing; added bonus is the catnip in the toy.

Cosmic Catnip banana toyAnother great cat chew toy is the highly durable Cosmic Catnip banana toy. This banana-shaped chew toy is filled with Cosmic Catnip and is a great size for kitty to wrap paws around and dig his or her teeth into.   Just about every morning when the store opens, we find one of these bananas off the rack and on the floor.  Our store cats love them.  Good thing they don’t have a banana peel!


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