Teasers provide interactive fun for cats

317000_300“Teasers” are a group of cat toys that provide a great deal of activity and fun.  Typically they include some sort of dangling “bait” such as feathers, streamers, small stuffed animals and other flowing, moving items hanging from the end of a rod or stick.  Human involvement required.

The teasers are dangled in front of the cat and then moved from side to side, up and down or around and around to create a sense of the “chase” or pursuit.  These types of toys can keep cats busy for as long as their human is willing to keep the action going.

We have found that the most popular teaser is probably Da BirdThis toy is a stick with a durable string and feather head.  The head can be replaced with different accessories either for variety or as the original head gets chewed up or worn.

When buying any type of teaser toys, make sure that you can get replacement heads so that you can keep using the stick.

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