Cat scratching posts are not created equal

Scratching catCats love to scratch – and the best way to discourage them from doing it on your furniture is to get them their own scratching surfaces.

Cats tend to like scratching POSTS that allow them to stretch.  Scratching posts come in a variety of sizes and heights.    Some include lounging surfaces so that cats can enjoy the vertical space they love.  Others include hanging toys.  They all include some sort of solid base for stability.  Many scratching posts are made of a durable material called sisal which lasts longer than other materials such as carpet or cardboard.

There are also flat scratching surfaces that are designed to sit on the floor and others hang over a door knob.   I have never seen a cat use the latter.  In our experience, the towers win paws down!

Is kitty still more interested in scratching your favorite sofa or lounge chair?  Try sprinkling a little cat nip on the scratching post to get kitty in the mood!

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