Neighbor Shopping Tips to help pet owners navigate growing number of food & supplies choices

Midnight snacksDue to the growing number of choices and products, you might think that shopping for your pet is getting easier.  It’s not.

Dry, canned, raw, reconstituted, grain free?  Gravy, sliced, tidbits, pate? The choices when it comes to food alone are mind boggling.  What about cat litter – clay, clumping, corn, wheat, recycled newspapers?  And on and on.

To help our neighbors narrow down their choices before they shop, we have launched Neighbor Shopping Tips here on my blog.  We are hoping that our information will make shopping easier for pet owners —  wherever they shop.

There are lots of high quality pet products on the market today.  In many cases, the question is not so much, which products are best – but which products are best FOR MY PET?  Factors like your pet’s age, breed, and existing health issues all impact your choices of products.

In all cases, we are going to try to provide you with candid information to help you make good choices for your pet.  As a pet owner myself, I will draw on my personal experience with pet foods and products as well as that of my team members, many of whom are pet owners as well.  In addition, we learn a lot from all of you – so keep the feedback coming as you try new products!

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