Live on WXYZ – Channel 7

I  had  a busy day on Halloween!  It started with a trip to WXYZ – Channel 7 for a news segment on our Scary Tails Trick-or-Treat and haunted photo set that we were holding later in the day at my Bloomfield Twp. store.

Here we are in the studio getting ready for our live segment. I have already been fitted with a microphone and now we are just being positioned in the studio in which the interview will take place.

at WXYZ at WXYZ 2

Photos:  Addy Shattuck (right) with Linda Wasche our store marketing person (left), along with Purdy (dog) and Todd (cat).

I have been on TV a number of times now, but never get used to it!  My interview was with WXYZ anchor Nima Shaffe who was great!  In fact, everyone at WXYZ was great.  They make you feel so welcome.  Plus we met a lot of pet lovers!

The pets that went on TV are Purdy and Todd.  Purdy is a wonderful dog whose family shops at my store.  I am not sure how much Purdy liked the spider costume that we put her in – but she was very calm and seemed to like the attention. Thank you to Purdy’s Dad, Scott, for letting her go on TV!  Todd is an adorable little cat who didn’t seem to mind the pumpkin dress we put him in at all.  That says a lot about this little guy who is currently up for adoption in our Bloomfield Twp. Kitty City.

See the segment here.

Click here  for a photo gallery of our Scary Trick or Treat and haunted photo set!

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