Keep your pet away from common Halloween hazards

Halloween – like any holiday – includes its share of potential hazards for pets.

317 close up of halloween candiesOur Scary Tails Trick-or-Treat offers a safe environment for celebrating Halloween with your pet.  Plus your pet will get his or her own treats so they may not be as tempted to try to get into the human treats!   So we are excited about offering this for the first time this year.  See my blog, “I want to be scared,” for store locations, and event dates and times.

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend Halloween at the pet emergency hospital!   With planning and preparation, you can prevent an emergency and make sure that your pet is safe this holiday.

Keep pets safe in the house.

Pets left outside can become frightened by holiday noises and crowds.  They can also be subject to some pretty scary Halloween pranks and rituals.  So be sure to keep pets inside.  Also be mindful of pets who might bolt out the door when you open it for trick-or-treaters.  I have to be mindful of my cats – and often put them in another room with the door closed.  I give them treats, a litter box  and some toys.  It’s only for a few hours and I would rather that they be safe than risk one of them getting out.

Use pet-safe decorations.

Pets can knock over decorations and chew or swallow removable parts.  When decorating for Halloween – and other seasons:

  • Avoid using lit candles and instead opt for battery operated ones.
  • Never place strings of electric lights near the floor where pets can become entangled. In addition, never leave holiday lights on when no one is home since they pose a fire risk, especially if wires get chewed or frayed.
  • Do not  leave glow sticks and fake blood in pet’s reach as the contents can be toxic.
  • Only hang fake cobwebs up high where pets cannot reach them as they can cause choking or entangle pets.
  • Remove small decorations or any with removable pieces that could become choking hazards.

Keep human treats  away from pets.

Some human treats – in particular, candies containing chocolate or the artificial sweetener, xlitol –can be toxic – and potentially fatal –to pets.  Follow these precautions:

  • Make sure all Halloween candy is stored up and away from pets.
  • Allow children to only have candy with adult supervision so that you can make sure candy doesn’t get shared with pets.
  • Keep the following phone numbers handy:
  • Your pet’s veterinarian
  • The closest animal emergency hospital
  • The 24-hour ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center hotline: 888-426-4435. (charges a fee of $65 per call.)

If you suspect your pet has eaten candy IMMEDIATELY call your veterinarian, emergency hospital or Poison Control Center.

For more tips on having a pet-safe Halloween, go to:

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