Watch for the Pawsitively Healthy series at my White Lake (Highland Rd.) store

Note: These workshops are being rescheduled and will begin October 15, 2015.

We are very excited to be launching our new workshops called: Pawsitively Healthy: An informative series for the health & wellbeing of your dog or cat.  The first workshop will be held Thursday, October 15, 2015 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. at my White Lake store at 6845 Highland Rd.  Stay tuned for more on this workshop – and for other dates coming up.

The cost per workshop is only $5 which will be donated to various local animal rescue groups.  We will choose a different group for each workshop.

Andrea Putt, DVM, with Lewie
Andrea Putt, DVM, with Lewie

Conducting the workshops will be Andrea Putt, DVM who owns Commerce Village Veterinary Hospital in Commerce Twp. Dr. Putt is the veterinarian who cares for all the adoptable cats in our Kitty City at my White Lake store.

Why I am I so excited about Pawsitively Healthy?

  1. We get LOTS of questions about dog and cat health. We are not vets, and can’t answer a lot of these health-related questions.  So we thought we would bring in someone who could.   We feel that the more our neighbors know about their pets’ health, the better equipped they are going to be to make good choices and to partner with their veterinarian in their pet’s care.
  1. We think you will like Dr. Putt. She is very personable, likes to spend time getting to know pet parents and their pets and will be great answering your questions.  So think about what you would like to know about your pet and come prepared!

Space is limited; advance registration required. Please remember to leave your pets at home.  Donation is $5 per workshop.  Register at

Be sure to check back for new workshops!

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