A caricature creates a lasting memory – get one of your pet June 20 at my White Lake (Cooley Lake Rd.) Pet Supplies Plus store

A caricature is the perfect way to capture not only your pet’s cuteness but his or her personality as well. If you come to my White Lake (8020 Cooley Lake Rd.) Pet Supplies Plus  store on June 20, you can get your very own pet caricature for FREE as part of our Neighbor Appreciation Block Party

Caricature courtesy of Mooshe Nickerson

Caricature courtesy of Mooshe Nickerson
Caricatures courtesy of Mooshe Nickerson
Mooshe Nickerson
Mooshe Nickerson

Professionally-trained caricature artist Mooshe Nickerson will be on hand from noon to 5 p.m.  Mooshe has been doing caricatures for years and used to be a caricature artist at the Detroit and Philadelphia Zoos. She says that each caricature takes about three to five minutes to draw.  You will go home with an 11 by 17 portrait that you can:

  • Have professionally framed/matted and hang on the wall
  • Scan to create holiday cards or note cards
  • Have printed on a t-shirt, coffee mug or other gift item
  • Scan and share via facebook and email with friends and family
  • Save to a screen saver for your desktop

Another idea: Bring a friend or family member’s pet to get a caricature of them as gift.

For information on our Neighbor Appreciation Block Party – and on other upcoming events, go to www.petsuppliesplus.com/WHITELAKE13.


For information on caricature artist Mooshe Nickerson, go to www.CAREcatures.com.

Kitty-CitylogoSee adoptable cats in our Kitty City free-roaming adoption centers in White Lake (Highland Rd.) and Bloomfield Hills at https://www.facebook.com/pspkittycity.

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